Taking myself off of laptop discuss

I'm tired of seeing bounce messages each time I reply to some thread on laptop-discuss@. The draconian list management policy is set such that when I reply to a message delivered to me, it always results in a bounce. This happens a couple of times a week when I try to reply to a message where I think I might have helpful information. (The bounces might have been due to a bogus attempt on my part to use a vanity opensolaris.org address in my subscription, I don't know. To be honest, I don't really care -- it should not matter. This has become a matter of principle to me.)

I think there is a way I can cobble my list subscription address to work, and there are solutions where I can subscribe multiple times to the list, but I refuse to go to ridiculous contortions because the list manager for this list still refuses to actually moderate the list.

(Mailman has both support for manual moderation of addresses that are not subscribed to it and the moderator can also whitelist addresses that he knows are from reasonable posters. This is the procedure I use for managing the several lists I maintain.)

Btw, this problem is probably going to impact nearly every Sun employee post Oracle acquisition, by the way, particularly if Oracle does header rewriting to rewrite outbound From: headers to be some @oracle.com address.

If you want my participation on laptop-discuss (and this will probably also happen to driver-discuss), then ask the list moderator to change his way of doing business. (Or perhaps, to actually start doing the real duty of moderating posts instead of setting a draconian policy and then ignoring it.)


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