audiocmihd driver (Asus Xonar cards)

Some people have been asking me about this driver. (Asus Xonar cards are fairly high-end high definition cards using the CMI 8788 chip.)

I've finally gotten the code reasonably cleaned up, and converted to my interrupt free audio framework.

I'll probably start a case to get this integrated into late b137, or b138. Mostly its just running a bunch of tests at this point.

One problem I have is that I only have Xonar DX1 cards. (PCI.)

If someone is able to help me qualify the driver with build 137 (or a nightly build) of ON, please let me know. The more I can get this driver tested, the sooner I can get it integrated into OpenSolaris.


Unknown said…
I just switched back to OpenSolaris after a three month Windows 7 stint. I'm actually glad to read that a Xonar driver is coming, since I whined about it a while.

Myself I also have the Xonar DX as PCIe version. However I don't have access to builds outside what's public.

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