ON IPS surprisingly easy

So I have an EOF RTI that was in queue when the ON IPS integration happened last night.

Of course, this totally whacked my packaging changes, and I had to modify them. Making the changes was quite easy. Here's the old, and the new version of the changes. Its actually less files to update under IPS.

I was dreading retesting. Dealing with distro construction sounded "painful".

I needn't have worried. In the tools directory there is this neat tool called "onu" (on-update I guess?)

I had to load a machine with b133 to set up a baseline, but we have a nice way to do that internally via our internal infrastructure and AI. It boils down to running one command on an install server than doing "boot net:dhcp - install" at the OBP prompt. (Yes, this is a SPARC system.)

It took a little bit for it to install, but less than an hour.

Then, after rebooting and getting the initial settings on the system, it was just a simple matter of "onu -d ${ws}/packages/sparc/nightly-nd" to update it. This took a while (20-30 minutes, I wasn't counting). Eventually the system was up and ready for business. Easier than bfu. Amazing.

Thanks to the IPS team! I can't wait for bfu to finally go away.


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