Greener pastures

I've recently made a major decision -- I'll be leaving Oracle. My last day as an Oracle employee will be on May 21, 2010. Leaving such a great group of people at Sun will be difficult indeed.

However, I hope to be able to continue as a significant contributor to the OpenSolaris community, as I'll be joining the team at Nexenta. At Nexenta, my responsibility will be to lead a group of engineers working on the OpenSolaris kernel. As such, I'm excited that I'll be able to continue to work on finest operating system kernel on the planet, and I look forward to further collaboration with some of the best software engineers on the planet.

My first day at Nexenta will be on May 24, 2010.



I'm a longterm lurker on your blog which I find very informative on what was going on in Solaris/OpenSolaris development. It's a pity that you will be finishing up with Sun/Oracle though not that surprising given current trends. Anyways it's good to know that someone of your talent will still be working on the OpenSolaris ecosystem from Nexenta. All the best

pavel said…
Wish you best Garret.

- Pablo
Anonymous said…
Will you be active on nexenta's forums?
Unknown said…
Edward: Probably. I am not too familiar with their fora at present, but I expect I will become so soon. :-) I hope to also remain active in the greater OpenSolaris community.
Anonymous said…
Cool, I'm just become a follower of your blog. see you at the Nexenta's forum soon.
Unknown said…
I enjoyed to work with you at Sun. I expect you'll prove to be valuable to Nexenta. Best wishes.

Glynn Foster said…
All the best Garrett. Sorry to see you go, and glad to see you'll still be in the approximate coding neighborhood ;)
Anonymous said…
Hi Garret,

Glad to hear you'll still be involved in the OpenSolaris community, and congrats on your new role with Nexanta.
Unknown said…
Good luck with the new job @ nexenta. Look forward to your continued contributions to the OpenSolaris project from the outside.
Richard Elling said…
Welcome aboard! We're glad you are joining the Nexenta team.
Eukaryotes pro said…
i'm sorry to hear this, but im happy that you wont go that far. good luck

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