Milestone Commit for Illumos

Richard Lowe has just made a milestone change to the Illumos repository.

Its a milestone for two reasons:

a) It is the first commit from another developer other than me. (Other developers have code in progress, but not yet ready to commit, but soon!) This also makes it truly a community project, since Rich has no affiliation with me other than as a participant in the Illumos project.

b) It eliminates the dependency on the Oracle "extra" repository, which required folks to get a certificate to access non-redistributable code in order to build illumos.

Thank you very much Rich. I'm looking forward to more integrations from developers soon!


Anonymous said…
I like the sound of this!
Rayson Ho said…
Congratulations to the Illumos project!
Nigel W Smith said…
It's good to see some progress being made.
Unknown said…
Like a sunrise, illumos looks like it is going to be viable. I can not wait until there is a 'core' liveCD to play with.

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