The Tap Is Turned Off

A little birdie told me that the last update to Oracles hg repository for ON was this one:

changeset: 13149:b23a4dab3d50
tag: tip
user: Sukumar Swaminathan
date: Wed Aug 18 15:52:48 2010 -0600
6973228 Cannot download firmware 2.103.x.x on Emulex FCoE HBAs
6960289 fiber side of emulex cna does not connect to the storage
6950462 Emulex HBA permanently DESTROYED, if the firmware upgrade is interrupted
6964513 COMSTAR - Emulex LP9002 fail to return a SCSI Inquiry correctly to a VMware 4 Initiator

From here on out, Illumos and Oracle Solaris diverge. The funny thing is, based on the calls I've had today, I could hardly be more optimistic about the future of illumos and the code base that was formerly called Solaris. Even more talent is getting behind this effort every day.

I'm very very excited... frankly Oracle shutting down the tap just really opened up the opportunity for us to really start innovating, in ways that I would have been loathe to do if we were still trying to maintain a very closely aligned source tree.

I think its entirely possible that Oracle may wind up viewing Illumos as the upstream rather than the reverse!


Nigel W Smith said…
Following the 'leaked' Friday 13th email, this was expected. But Oracle should have made an official announcement. Or have I missed something?
Unknown said…
I would be surprised if Oracle said anything officially. That would mean acknowledging that the OpenSolaris community exists, which is something that they have yet to even do. (Dan Roberts' comments notwithstanding.)

No, I think they will just let it die. But you'll notice that there are no new updates coming via CIA or other.
gtirloni said…
That was indeed the last commit notification that I got since 2 days ago. Seems definitive.
scottishwildcat said…
I would hazard a guess that Oracle will make any official announcements about Solaris and OpenSolaris at Oracle OpenWorld in September. Sun wouldn't have commented on leaks and rumours, so I certainly wouldn't expect Oracle to do so.

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