OGB has dissolved today

The old OpenSolaris Governing Board has dissolved unanimously today.

The OpenSolaris governance is now in default, and returns to Oracle's hands.

For folks upset by this, let me remind them of Illumos. Its a sad note for OpenSolaris, but I think the reborn Illumos community will be better than the OpenSolaris community ever could be.

I do want to thank the (former) OGB members for their efforts, even if they did prove to be in vain.


Anonymous said…
It is such a shame that it had to happen but at least everyone involved now knows where they stand.

I have a blog post about Oracle that you may find interesting http://sbrayshaw1990.blogspot.com

and if you would be so kind as to let me know what you think of it and a few tips on how to improve my style if you feel it needs it
BM said…
I am actually very happy OpenSolaris died. It was completely confusing for everybody and in most cases people thought OpenSolaris != Solaris. The death of this project actually "kicks" many developers to finally stop depending on others but work as standalone project.

I am also happy Illumos is making OpenSolaris *actually* open. A months ago I thought that's the end. But apparently, I see the very opposite.

That's really great.

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