illumos gets documentation!

With this integration:

changeset: 13304:b54231762cfa
tag: tip
user: Richard Lowe
date: Mon Mar 14 14:05:30 2011 -0400

243 system manual pages should live with the software
Reviewed by:
Reviewed by:
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Approved by:

We now have manual pages in illumos. (Only the English pages -- POSIX locale -- are kept in the illumos code repository.)

This is key because it means that code and documentation can be maintained together, which is how some other projects (but not Solaris) manage it.

So, got a problem with the man(1) pages on illumos? File a bug! There is a category called "manpage"... please let us know, or even better, contribute a fix!


zdw said…
Would there be any benefit to jumping to mandoc from the current renderer?
Unknown said…
Perhaps... a very *quick* look at mdoc looks ... promising.

I'm not sure that we really need to replace our current man package though. We'd have to weight the benefits against any cost of effort.

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