Planet OpenSolaris *isn't*

It would appear that the old Planet OpenSolaris is no longer a community site.

At least the only blog posts that seem to be there anymore are those that are hosted on

Certainly my posts, which used to show up there until quite recently, no longer do so.

Its possible that this is just a technical snafu, but the recent burst of posts there from Oracle employees suggest a shuffling of things internally in how Oracle handles blogs, and I suspect that eradication of community posts is just one more step along the way.

Of course, if I'm wrong, this post will show up there, and I'll have egg all over my face. :-)


Anonymous said…
Showed up on "Planet Solaris" but not yet on "Planet OpenSolaris".
comay said…
As far as I know, there isn't some grand conspiracy here. As the site documents, Glynn maintains it so perhaps dropping him a note would be good.
Unknown said…
Update: I was told that this is a purely technical glitch over the weekend. Yet, as of Tuesday morning, the only blog postings that site still seem to be from Oracle employees.

We do have an alternate community feed at Planet illumos. Have a look.

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