Assorted audio cards needed

4Front has provided some drivers for me, which are nearly complete, but which need some attention. However, I am lacking hardware for a number of these drivers, and have not had good success finding many of them on eBay. If you have access to spare cards to donate, or even sell, please let me know.

Here's a short list of cards:
  1. CS4281 (I tried to purchase one of these, but they shipped me an ESS Solo-1 instead!)
  2. CS4280
  3. FM-801 (ideally a 6-channel variant)
  4. CMI 8768
  5. CMI 8738 (6-channel, or even 8-channel varient)
  6. CMI 8788 (these are high end cards, they can be purchased, but right now I'd have to fund this myself if I want to work on the driver -- its not a priority. This is typically the Asus Xonar card.)
There are probably other interesting audio cards as well.

It should be said that the recent work on some of these cards is occurring on my own time, since I have higher priorities (not soundcard related) during my day job, which is why its hard for me to ask Sun to provide funding for these things. (In the case of cs4281 and fm-801 cards, I've found them hard to even locate. Witness my failed attempt to purchase a CS4281. Taiwanese vendors consider these interchangeable parts. :-(


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