audiols integrated

I've integrated the audiols driver into build 124 (actually I think this might have been the first push into snv124 -- thanks to jmcp for approving it so quickly!) From my HEADS UP message:

The push of CR 6875005 introduces support for audio for Creative Audigy LS devices. If you have such a device, you can now enjoy audio playback and record support using your audio device.

Devices supported are identifiable by the PCI id pci1102,7. Known compatible devices include Creative Audigy LS, Creative Audigy SE, Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit, and Creative X-Fi Extreme Audio.

This driver includes 5.1 surround sound support.

Bugs for this driver should be filed in bugster using solaris/audio/driver-audiols.


Ludovic Orban said…
This is a bit unrelated but do you happen to know if the Java Virtual Machine is going to be updated to use Boomer for its JavaSound engine?
Unknown said…
We'd like it to happen, but I haven't spent any time on it yet. Right now we need to get Sun Ray audio converted to Boomer before we push too hard on getting projects to migrate to Boomer.

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