Surround Sound on SPARC?

I'm about ready to integrate the Audigy LS audio driver, which is a PCI add-in card that is capable of 5.1 surround sound. (I've been working on it in the "off" hours, as I currently have other higher priority projects that I'm working on while doing work on Sun's nickel; this explains why it has taken so long.)

I have one quick question: does anyone really want to have this work on SPARC systems? The only tangible advantages I could see for this are:
  • If your internal audio device is busted, there is another alternative.
  • If you have some compelling reason to want surround sound support on your SPARC system.
Right now because the effort to qualify and integrate takes a while, and because I hate the idea of integrating bloatware that nobody is going to use, I am not planning on integrating SPARC support for this driver. However, if at least one or two people speak up and tell me that this is something that they want, then I'm much more likely to take the time to do the work. (The driver should Just Work on SPARC, its mostly a matter of running the tests, which take a few hours.)

So, if this is something you want, let me know!


Ludovic Orban said…
Maybe you could just upload a binary somewhere and check how many times it gets downloaded?
Unknown said…
That would mean putting it somewhere where I can track downloads. Right now I don't have an easy way to do that. (I know its not a *hard* problem, I just don't have any site close at hand.)

Asking the question is the easiest thing. Unless someone tells me they want it, I am not going to bother setting up to build SPARC binaries.
Anonymous said…
Although I don't currently have a SPARC workstation as I have an Ultra 20 I am hoping to pick up a SPARC workstation of eBay soon (and hope they come back in the future). It would be a shame not to integrate this an improve the native support rather than having ppl hunting around the net looking for drivers.

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