I found an interesting site; it tracks commits by developer, and potentially ranks them, using a "kudos" system. There's also a way to give and to receive "kudos". It also has some source code analysis for projects, though I don't necessarily agree with all that it does. (A project that is 50% comments is not inherently better than a project that is 10% lines... you can't judge code quality or readability or structure based on comments.)

Anyway, I just joined and made it aware of who I am... I have a "kudo" rank of 7. If anyone else here is using this service, I'd be curious to know about it. My account information is here.


Eukaryotes pro said…
i agree with you, i mean the criteria to rank a project/developers are not so good

like: you have more commits and experience and
i have 7 kudos too.. on the list 10k behind tho

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